The Roots:

As soon as I get my own photo of a cow up close and personal, I’m proudly slapping it on my “About” page. My name is Kait, and I’m from the Dairy State. And for all of you sensible people out there wondering why Americans give silly nicknames to every state, I’m from Wisconsin. I grew up in Milwaukee. West Allis, actually. I love it there. It kind of drives me crazy, but it’s definitely a good place.

The Clichés:

I like foreign language, music, travel, art, photography and good food. I’m a junior studying journalism at UW-Madison. Ask me something interesting.

The Footprints:

I’ve been traveling since 2005, and I’ve had the chance to live in California, South Africa and Belgium, working and living handful of other fascinating spots. It’s been incredible, difficult, rewarding, shocking, beautiful and everything else. I love that every day I re-learn how to truly see people. Every day I’m reminded to take the time to listen. I only hope to continue the experience.

ABOUT: Dreams

_MG_2146I, in my craziest goals and dreams, plan to become a photojournalist. I’m not sure how to pay rent with a title like that, but we’ll see. Adaptation is the key. In any case; read and enjoy, and I hope you get something out of this weird conglomerate of stories and images.


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