Bringing an Image to Life

PhotoBlog (1 of 1)I really appreciated the Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency by Mindy McAdams. As a photographer who is transitioning into blogging and videography, I found the guidance invaluable.

As a blogger, I found McAdams’s advice on reaching out to the community helpful. I’m new to the scene (both as a blogger and as a UW-Madison student), and meeting other Madison bloggers helped me define my own blog’s message.

McAdams’s guidance for RSS feeds was also helpful, and I’m now an active member in the blog-o-sphere because of it.

As a videographer, I loved the simple cues McAdams offered for newbies. I’m experienced in creating compelling visual compositions in one frame, but I have difficulty translating photography into a narrative.

In photographic stories, the transitions between images are unspoken, and the viewer is left to connect the dots. It’s easier, both as a photographer and an audience, to fill in the blank. Continue reading