More visual stimulation for the Marijuana article

Gerald Thompson holds up a bag of marijuana on the steps of the State Capitol in Denver on Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. Marijuana for recreational use became legal in Colorado Monday, when the governor took a purposely low-key procedural step of declaring the voter-approved change part of the state constitution. (Aaron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post)

Although the Denver Post’s article on the legalization of Marijuana is a well-executed Q&A, the visuals are somewhat lacking.

The article covers a number of important bases, from state-v-federal legality to legal possession and use of marijuana. These facts are well cited, with links to an extensive set of supporting articles and primary documents, however visuals would’ve helped get the point across.

Some of the numbers and statistics surrounding the new laws governing marijuana use in Colorado could’ve been put into a quick chart or graph in order to help readers understand some of the basic elements behind what they’re reading.

Photos surrounding the event were visually descriptive and extremely well-done, however, more statistical information shown through charts, graphs or other visual aids would’ve been helpful to readers.


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